Which Supplements Can Help in Muscle Growth?

Nowadays, many supplements can help a person grow muscle mass if consumed correctly throughout the day, along with daily diet and workout. Also, there are many online supplement stores in India. At times, it becomes difficult to decipher the essential supplements for muscle growth, and the best store to buy these products. Therefore, we have jotted down some points that can assist you with the same.

Whey Protein

Prominent online supplement stores such as Rishu Food & Nutritions offer a variety of whey proteins. These are of reputed brands like Arnold, Ultimate Nutrition and BPI Sports, among others. Also, whey protein powders are available in soy, isolate simple whey; casein, protein bars, and blends forms.

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The objective of these proteins is to boost muscle recovery and growth. However, the protein content varies in each of these products. They are based upon goals like lean muscle mass, fulfilling calorie deficits, etc.

The powdered protein digests fast in comparison to protein from food items and provides faster muscle growth. It also pushes crucial for protein synthesis in the body and consists of high-level Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs).


Casein is another form of protein, but in comparison to whey protein, it digests slowly. It is an ideal snack before bedtime that prevents losing muscle growth because it aids in slow and steady digestion. Another great property of casein is that it helps bodybuilders grow muscle mass. As a result, it cuts the food cravings of fitness enthusiasts on a calorie deficit and boosts the growth of muscle mass.

Some reports even suggest that it is a great post-workout drink because it boosts the synthesis of muscle proteins. Many fitness enthusiasts also indicate that it is a better post-workout protein because it grows muscles much more than natural whey proteins.


Adding 2-5g of creatine to pre-workout protein drinks can increase the flow of energy into the muscles, and thus allow you to perform more reps of an exercise. Also, as per many reports and studies, consuming creatine every day can add 10-pounds to bodyweight and enhance a person’s strength.

But creatine consists of arginine, glycine, and methionine amino acids. Therefore, its primary role is to draw water into the muscle cells and help in the long-term growth of muscles with the cell stretching process. Recent studies have also found that creatine enhances our muscles insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) and is critical for muscle growth stimulation. 


Although BCAAs are already available in whey protein, one still needs to consume them separately. They consist of leucine, isoleucine, and valine that enhance muscle growth, increase energy while doing workouts, decrease cortisol, and also diminishes delay in muscle soreness.

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There are many other supplements such as Glutamine, Carnitine, Beta-Alanine/carnosine, Nitric Oxide boosters, ZMA, etc. that can also aid in muscle growth. Both new and experienced bodybuilders should buy these through the best site to buy supplements in India to get effective results.

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