What is Ectomorph diet plan and why it is important

A complete diet and proper training according to your body type could result in amazing benefits. You cannot change your bone structure or height, yet changing your body shape with the right exercise and a good diet is possible. There are three body types for the human body are ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. And ifContinue reading “What is Ectomorph diet plan and why it is important”

Eat Healthy and Commit To Be Fit | Rishu Food & Nutritions

Food plays a vital role in our health. Eating healthy means taking a balanced diet and including everything in the diet to receive all the nutrients to fuel you up and energize you to perform your daily activities. Food is the basic necessity of life but eating right is what to be taken care of.Continue reading “Eat Healthy and Commit To Be Fit | Rishu Food & Nutritions”

HIIT Workout Importance and Its Benefits

HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. It is a great form of exercise to include in your workout routine if you want to build strength and muscular endurance or trying to lose weight. It makes you fitter, stronger and improves your general health. For this workout, you do not require as much time as aContinue reading “HIIT Workout Importance and Its Benefits”

Whey Protein – A High Quality Protein Powder & a Nutrition Supplement

Whey protein is an essential supplement for those who do gym sessions or workouts. It is considered as a supplement that has a very high nutritional value, and scientific studies have revealed many health benefits. It is very digestible, absorbing from the intestine quicker than other types of protein. All these properties make it oneContinue reading “Whey Protein – A High Quality Protein Powder & a Nutrition Supplement”

What are the Difference between Weight Gainers and Mass Gainers?

Anyone with a keen interest in bodybuilding must have come across many supplements such as mass gainers, weight gainers, BCAAs, whey proteins, etc. The role of each of these products has vast differences from the others. According to Rishu Food & Nutritions, people are often confused between the usage of mass gainers and weight gainersContinue reading “What are the Difference between Weight Gainers and Mass Gainers?”

Which Supplements Can Help in Muscle Growth?

Nowadays, many supplements can help a person grow muscle mass if consumed correctly throughout the day, along with daily diet and workout. Also, there are many online supplement stores in India. At times, it becomes difficult to decipher the essential supplements for muscle growth, and the best store to buy these products. Therefore, we haveContinue reading “Which Supplements Can Help in Muscle Growth?”

Things to keep in mind while buying a whey protein

If you are into regular workout, then you must have come across health supplements like Whey Protein. Every other individual who does the workout does invest on whey protein to get faster & effective results. For athletes and bodybuilders the intake of protein supplements is essential to meet the daily requirements. Whey protein is notContinue reading “Things to keep in mind while buying a whey protein”

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