What are the Difference between Weight Gainers and Mass Gainers?

Anyone with a keen interest in bodybuilding must have come across many supplements such as mass gainers, weight gainers, BCAAs, whey proteins, etc. The role of each of these products has vast differences from the others. According to Rishu Food & Nutritions, people are often confused between the usage of mass gainers and weight gainers and their differences. Here are some of the most common differences between these two supplements:

Muscle Mass vs. Weight Gains

The primary difference between weight gainers and mass gainers offered by online supplement stores in India is the role of these products. The former is used to increase the overall weight of a person and demands lower cardiovascular exercise. On the other hand, the latter is for the total weight gain and muscle growth of a person. It requires a person to do workouts that involve cardio exercises for effective results.

Refueling Body vs. Lean Muscles

The primary role of weight gainers is to refuel carbohydrate storage to enhance workout capacity or performance. Meanwhile, mass gainers available on the best sites are for gaining lean muscle mass when a person is on calorie restriction. Ideally, mass gainers are used by bodybuilders preparing for a competition, and weight gainers are used by those who are seeking to gain weight.

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Low vs. High Fiber Content

Weight Gainers have a low fiber content that helps in the active body digestion. Meanwhile, mass gainers have a high fiber quantity that increases fat digestion and relies on muscle growth. Therefore, weight gainers are for “hard gainers and mass gainers are suggested for bodybuilders or athletes, as stated before.

Carbs & Fat vs. Protein

All weight gainers have higher quantities of carbohydrates (carbs) and fats in comparison to protein. But this is the reverse for mass gainers. They have more protein in comparison to fats and carbs. So, one must decide the purpose of consuming these products before buying them.

Mild vs. Heavy Regime

To get the most effective results from mass gainers, a person should do mild workouts. He or she must not overstrain the body with heavy or advanced exercises, otherwise, the calories consumed will become lower than the calories burned and lead to unsatisfactory results. As stated earlier, mass gainers increase the protein intake in the body, and therefore boost muscle recovery and growth. Therefore, a person must workout using heavy weights or, in simple words, do a cumbersome exercise to get the best lean body results from mass gainers.

Calorie Rich vs. Deficit

Both mass gainers and weight gainers don’t just differ in protein, carbs, and fat, but also the overall calories per serving. A single scoop of mass gainer consists of around 100 to 300 calories. Meanwhile, weight gainers comprised of 300 to 1000 calories or even more per serving and are therefore rich in calories.

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The points mentioned above are six key differences between mass gainers and weight gainers. It would be best if you chose the supplement based on these differences.

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